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The 32nd Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Adult Orthodontics



Main theme The Role of Orthodontic Treatment in Comprehensive Dental Care

June 23, 2024 (Sunday)

Venue Tower Hall Funabori
4-1-1 Funabori Edogawaku Tokyo, JAPAN
(It takes 25 minutes by subway from the center of Tokyo)
Chairperson Sayumi Sakamoto
Honorable Chairperson Yutaka Takeuchi
Vice Chairperson Ryuuichi Imamura
President of JAAO Shigeru Murai

PROGRAM (From 9:00 to 17;45)


■Invited lecture

Lecture 1 Prof. Seung-Hak Baek(Seoul National University)

「Considerations for Orthodontic Treatment in Conjunction with Prosthodontic Tx」

Lecture 2 Dr. Heng-Ming Mark Chang(Taiwan Association of Orthodontists)

「The Role of Orthodontist in a Multidisciplinary Team」


Moderator Dr. Ryuuichi Imamura


Symposiast 1 Dr. Yutaka Takeuchi(Honorable president of the 32nd Meeting)

「Biomechanics of tooth movement -Introduction-」

Symposiast 2 Dr. Meiyu Chin(Meiyu Ortho. Clinic)

「Discover?! Biomechanics」

Symposiast 3 Dr. Jun Kawamura(Kawamura Dental Clinic)

「Latest information in biomechanics of tooth movement」

■Scientific lecture

Speaker 1 Dr. Hirohide Arimoto

「How to set treatment goal of reform of oral environments」

Speaker 2 Dr. Masao Yamazaki

「Interdisciplinary management of ortho-restoration Tx」

Speaker 3 Yasushi Nishii

「Collaboration with oral surgery and professional education」

■Scientific lectures for co-dental staffs

Speaker 1 Prof. Takato Nomoto

「Eating and Swallowing dysfunction」

Speaker 2 Ms. Norie Terada

「The role of DH in MFT」

Speaker 3 Mr. Teruo Ebana

「The set up for comprehensive dental care」

Speaker 4 Ms. Nobuyo Sugimoto

「How to interact with child’s parents」

Speaker 5 Ms. Aya Kurokawa

「Introduction to Adult Orthodontics」

■Video lectures on comprehensive dental care

Speaker 1 Dr. Kenji Tsubota

「BTA technique」

Speaker 2 Dr. Yoshihiro Iwano

「Collaboration between Ortho and Perio」

Speaker 3 Dr. Hidetoshi Aimiya

「Ortho Tx for multiple tooth loss」

Speaker 4 Dr. Daisuke Izutsu

「Ortho tr. in occlusal reconstruction」

Speaker 5 Dr. Takashi Nakano

「Development of oral functions」

Speaker 6 Dr. Yoshihiro Fuma

「Dental sleep medicine」

Speaker 7 Dr. Naomi Takada

「Dental implant and ortho Tx in comprehensive dental care」

■Public lecture

Speaker 1  Dr. Yoshiya Hasegawa

「Take care your teeth if you want to stop brain aging」

Speaker 2 Dr. Kyoko Takarada

「12 points in self care to support your future life」

Oral presentation

Scientific exhibition 

Exhibition on committees of JAAO and foreign orthodontic associations deeply related 

Scientific exhibition for co-dental staffs

Business exhibition

Cace presentation

Table discussion

Luncheon seminar

Lunch salon

E-Line Beautiful Award Ceremony (18:00~18:20)

Closing party (18:30~20:30)

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